This collection started as a something just for laughs but evolved into something quite different. I thought about all the books I used to love to read or be read to before going to bed. That little girl was an impressionable sponge that took in the world around her - for better or for worse.  They say early childhood are your most formative years, the years that we often spend the rest of our lives working to unlearn beliefs, habits, and heal traumas from.  BEDTIME STORIES is a blend of nurturing the inner child in you while also acknowledging society's oversexualization of children - particularly young girls and the effects that has on their development and psyche. At the end of the day I want this collection to make people smile and laugh but have to acknowledge that the feelings and memories it may evoke could be those of pain, anxiety, and raw emotions. Much love to everyone out here surviving - as always I am here to talk if anyone ever needs someone to listen.